An American couple from Arizona has claimed that Pope Francis healed their 3-month-old daughter’s heart condition after the pontiff held and blessed her during Easter 2014 proceedings at the Vatican. (ChristianPost)


It seems like it was really meant to happen, And it’s as close to a miracle as we’ll ever see, I’m sure.

Says Lynn Cassidy, Mother of 3 Year old Ave. Lynn continues:


In Easter of 2014, the family planned a Rome trip to see Pope Francis in person during the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII.

“It was raining,” Lynn said. “We were told that if we stood on a barricade in St. Peter’s Square, the metal fences in front, the Pope would come by in his ‘Pope’-mobile.”

The Cassidy family waited for hours at the barricade. When the motorcade turned into the square, Lynn’s husband Scott held Ave up in the air.

“It was like the Lion King,” Lynn said. “The secret service person, Johnny, stopped and took her from Scott and held her up to the Pope. The Pope asked my husband, ‘How old is she? What’s her name?’ He told (the Pope) she has two holes in her heart. When we got home in May, we went back to the cardiologist for a check-up. One of the holes was completely closed and one was half the size.