Yet another outcome for users around the world. Google Dengue Trends collects real time dengue search data and compares with historic baseline level of dengue activity for that area for generating reports. Depending on these Google categorizes activity as  Minimal, Low, Moderate, High, or Intense .

As the system is updated automatically, it gives dengue outbreak reports much earlier than local Govt. reports which takes weeks gathering data.

This is the Current status of Google Dengue Trends . (You navigate within iframe tab)

Following is a screen shot of October 27 – 2012 report


From personal experience, I was checking out this few weeks back and India was still in red and now the results have come true, there is really a dengue out break in India ! Even a well know film maker Yash Chopra died with dengue fever and  more deaths were reported from AIIMS Delhi which already have above 700 patients admitted with dengue fever. These reports really came true.

How does this work then ?

Google’s official product behind is  Google Insights for Search that collects  trends of ” Search queries ” around the world, a useful tool for Search Engine Optimization Industry . Google Dengue Trends utilizes the same concept but with selected keywords involving some calculations (like – how much is the search density associated with a particular keyword + decreasing the effect of media driven search’s )

Read More here – Dengue Trends also read the results and methodology behind this.

Following is Real Time Data for : India . You can get this iFrame code from Google for putting up in your website for countries specified at left column .  Google Dengue Trends