Just a few days ago, our country was terrified by news that a strong typhoon is coming our way. Our Philippine government and the local government of the areas identified where the typhoon will fall prepared as much as they can. But nobody prepared us of what we will see after the typhoon passed. Indeed, it is one of the strongest typhoon that fall not only in the country but in the whole world.
I am living an island away from the Visayas region, where the eye of the typhoon id, but the devastating effect of typhoon Yolanda was too strong that it hits me so much. Just watching the news and seeing what is left behind makes me cry no matter how many times I have seen it in the past few days. People are crying of hunger, of pain of losing their loved ones, of feeling abandoned and alone because they have nowhere to turn to anymore and of pure happiness that they survived the said typhoon. People even came to the point of looting stores just so they can have something to eat yet this is not the reason I am crying more.
It makes me cry to see videos of people helping one another. There was a group of men helping an elderly woman get into a higher ground to avoid the flood. Then I saw media man trying to make his report letting the world knew of the current situation in the area putting his life in danger in the process. Within 24 hours after the storm left the devastated island, help poured like rain from individual citizens that are not affected. The international community have been pledging money to help needed and most social media users are urging everyone to pray for the survivors of the said typhoon. Whenever I see a post on Facebook asking their friends to pray for the Yolanda victims, I also pray. It also makes me smile to see some friends urging other friend to donate and give in any way possible. Truly, God is amazing and that he is letting us all know it through the people that are doing their best to help the typhoon victims. Seeing people helping one another helps me keep my faith in humanity. To the Yolanda victims out there, do not ever think that our Lord God forsake you. Just be strong with your faith. Remember Deutoronomy 31:6, be strong and courageous and do not be afraid, because he will never leave you nor forsake you.