Hymn by George Müll­er  (27 September 1805 – 10 March 1898), a famous  Christian evangelist and Founder of the Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol, England, that  cared for 10,024  orphans .

He was a prodigal  who turned out to become a pastor and a well known global Evangelist . He was well known for providing education to children. He also established 117 schools that offered Christian Education to over 12o,000 majority being orphans.

This is One of the poem from his collection:

I saw the cross of Jesus,
When burdened with my sin;
I sought the cross of Jesus
To give me peace within;
I brought my sins to Jesus,
He cleansed me by His blood;
And in the cross of Jesus
I found my peace with God.

I love the cross of Jesus,
It tells me what I am—
A vile and guilty creature
Saved only thro’ the Lamb;
No righteousness or merit,
No beauty can I plead;
Yet in the cross of Jesus
My title there I read.

I clasp the cross of Jesus
In every trying hour,
My sure and certain refuge,
My never failing tower;
In every fear and conflict,
I more than conqu’ror am;
Living, I’m safe—or dying—
Thro’ Christ the risen Lamb.


Christian Hymns Georgr Muller

Photo of George Ferdinand Müller (Wiki Pedia)