Have a closer look at the “Crossed Fingers”, did you find that? Of course it looks like a CROSS!

Fingers Crossed ChristianAs we all know there was a time when Christians really suffered, during this Early Church period of persecutions Christians used symbols to identify one another and assemble for prayers. Crossing fingers was one among these symbols. (Along with Ichthys being the mostly used)

Jim Jester in “Real Israel” tells that “When they were persecuted in Rome, Christians would secretly come together with the sign of the fish, and they would hold up their crossed fingers, as a Sign of the crossed emblem that had once been on the vestments of the army of Barabbas. It became a custom everywhere, for Christians when meeting, to make the sign of a cross by crossing their fingers.” It was also used at the time troubles to get protection from CROSS against evil powers.jesus_finfers crossed_christ

Just think of the faith they had, Perhaps we should look back to find real Christians!

We too can find several painting of Jesus with fingers crossed like this one.

As generations passed this simple Christian hand gesture was used a symbol for God’s protection, praying for blessings as well wishing good luck. Now world wide used as a symbol of good luck, and we can also find children using it while telling a white lie [belief was that Cross would save them from getting punished by God for telling a simple lie].


Child Christian Fingers CrossedCrossing fingers is there now too! But the beliefs behind is almost faded away. Its time now for people like you to “Cross Fingers” and spread this. 🙂