The Pope of Rome is one if not the most influential and important people in the world. There are threats and dangers of being a Pope and there are perks that comes with being a Pope. All of these seems to be nothing to Pope Francis. Since he was proclaimed as the new Pope, Pope Francis have been showing nothing but his simplicity and humbleness as a servant of God.

Pope Francis is said to have broken some rules because of his simplicity and yet Catholics all over the world and even those that are from different religions are attracted to his simplicity. After his proclamation, he didn’t sit on the papal throne to accept the greetings of his fellow cardinals, he accepted them while standing. He didn’t take the ride home on the papal car as well but rather rode with his fellow cardinals. He even attends to his personal needs like paying his bill and cancelling his newspaper subscription. Also, Pope Francis declined staying in the Apostolic Place where Popes are supposed to stay but rather opted to stay in Santa Martha, a guest house for lay people and visiting clergy in Rome.

Pope Francis Throne

Pope Francis on Papal Throne (it was Golden before)

Just recently, a news also shows the Pope kissing a man with boils. It shows how he reaches out to everyone regardless of their condition. His ways in reaching out is so simple and I believe it is because he already gave his life to the Lord, his heart, his entire life.

In one of his most popular homily, I can still hear him, “What do I seek?  Worldliness? Superficiality? [Or] do I seek an encounter with Jesus that is going to fulfill me, that gives me the only happiness that cannot be lost?” As a man of God, Pope Francis shows that he doesn’t need the earthly thing that the word offers because just like Christ, he is here to show the love of God and to spread it and I think he is doing a great job on it.