Sitting in church on a rather rainy Sunday morning, I watched as the parish priest slowly made his way up to the podium and smiled down at the people. I straightened myself up in my seat, struggling to stay attentive despite my sleepiness that morning. The weather was not helping and I was feeling quite hungry, having skipped early morning breakfast.

The holy gospel that morning came from book of Luke, on living the good Christian life. The priest gave a wonderful homily on how one could achieve this, and it melted my heart. I forgot about my hunger and forgot about the drowsiness that was making my eyelids heavy. Let me go ahead and share this simple yet sweet golden nugget of wisdom with you.


Giving Thanks

The 3 L’s to Happiness

 1.      Live Well.

You do not need to live rich, live wealthy, or live great. We were meant to live well. You do not need to aim for the grand possession of material things. Happiness does not come from the best condominium units, the best cars, and the most expensive clothes. True happiness emanates from the divine within us and the common good in our hearts. How do you do this? Simple. “Do good, and avoid evil,” the priest said said. We are God’s workmanship. We were made to do good deeds – from the big things like volunteering for large charity events, to the small things like giving a beggar food to eat. The man who knows how to give from his heart will always sleep better at night.


 2.      Love Much

Do things with great love in your heart. Oftentimes, we just go through our everyday routines – waking up and falling asleep, only to wake up again to work and forget the things we are passionate about. Cherish your family. Talk to your parents while they are still there. Ask your friends how their days went. Make small efforts to talk to those people who love you, and those who can do nothing for you. Say “thank you” to that security guard who opened the door. Help strangers in need, and just listen to what they have to say. Give your dog a good belly-rub. Treat yourself to a nice ice cream. Perform more than what is expected of you at work. Love yourself and love others. Watch as it gives you a sense of quiet fulfillment that will make a day seem like it was the most productive of days.


3.      Laugh often

Give praise and give thanks to the Lord in all the good things. Having a bad day? Change your thoughts and it will change your day. Have joy and happiness in your heart by carrying a little sense of humor everywhere you do. If someone accidentally spills juice on you, instead of staying angry the rest of the day, simply give thanks because it could have been worse, like boiling hot coffee. Do not let your circumstances dictate how you feel throughout the day. Be grateful with all that you have. Tell the Lord, “Thank you. It could have been worse.” Cultivate that joy in your heart through praise and thanksgiving. Laugh. Be happy. God wants you to be happy.


“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (NIV) – Ephesians 2:10