Jesus Wept John 11:1-45 talks of Jesus weeping at the death of Lazarus, His own loving friend, follower & brother of Mary Magdalene.

Though Jesus was informed of Lazarus’s illness He intentionally stays for 2 more days and also says that Lazarus is asleep & He was going to wake him up going there. This clearly tells that Jesus knew that Lazarus is going to die and will be resurrected back to life.

Jesus had the total control over the situation & knew what was going to happen. Then Why did Jesus weep ? The Big Question. Any way I will try to reason out as Holy Spirit leads me:

Ooops ! Holy Spirit is really leading me. its  real time !

After I wrote as how “Holy Spirit leads me” my last web search ended up with this Facebook Note , It amazing to find that guy writing – He was lead by Holy Spirit !

Here is the answer He gave & I agree too this 🙂

Jesus was not thought of by the people as God and the Christ.  He was perceived to be a prophet.   The multitudes of people that surrounded mary and martha  at the grave of Lazarus, thought Jesus was a prophet.   Jesus weeping before them was a weeping prophet in their eyes.   However, the weeping prophet  was known to be Jeremiah to the Jews.   The name Jeremiah means God will raise up.    By Jesus weeping right before He raised up Lazarus, He showed the people that He was not just a prophet, but God who raises people up from the grave, the weeping prophet Jeremiah prophesied about.

That is why Jesus wept and not because He felt sad about mary and martha feeling sorrow. Jesus is God and He is always in control. He dont need to weep.

Concluding with few of my thoughts too 🙂

  1. Just like Jeremiah, Jesus wept for the sinful people surrounding Him that they turn back to God and believe in Him, before He was going to be glorified by resurrecting Lazarus.
  2. Was it the last public Miracle Jesus performed before getting betrayed ? He cried and Prayed for the Miracle.  (Im not sure about this please pardon if its wrong). Hebrews 5:7 says Jesus used to cry and pray to the God who could save Him from death.
  3. The Humanness of Jesus – I cant avoid to tell that He was sad seeing Mary & Martha crying.

I  would go with Point (1) & (2) mainly, with (3) Jesus was sad seeing Mary & Martha crying but His real mission was to perform biggest Miracle that people ever saw from Him till that day & even  this part of Bible is still the sole part of Christian faith – “whoever lives by believing in me will never die” .